Easily Aroused ~ erotic fiction by an oversexed Englishman

Sensual erotica for discerning women

Easily Aroused ~ erotic fiction by an oversexed Englishman - Sensual erotica for discerning women

Risqué Abstracts #47

I’ve finally gotten rid of everyone who could want me for the next hour or so. So if you still want me…

~You know I still want you.

I’d forgive you if you’d given up on me today.

~That hasn’t happened. What are you doing?

Lying back on my bed.

~With your laptop, I presume?

My Macbook, yes.

~And what are you wearing?

I still have on my black work dress. Would you like me to remove it?

~Not yet. Is your phone to hand?


~Take a photograph of yourself in your dress and send it to me.

Okay … have you received it?

~Yes. You look fabulous. I want to fuck you.

That makes me smile.

~Wickedly, I hope. Now take your dress off – just your dress – and stand in exactly the same position, exactly the same pose, and take another photograph.

It’s on its way.

~Your dress shows your curves off beautifully.

Wearing it makes me feel elegant.

~That’s because you are. The second photograph’s arrived. Mmmm. That bra. So wonderfully full.

Do you like?

~I like very much. It’s wonderfully feminine. Is that how it makes you feel?

Yes … I love pretty underwear.

~Do you draw admiring glances when you wear that dress?

I’ve noticed the occasional male turn their head.

~And do you enjoy that?

I suppose I’d dress differently if I didn’t.

~I suppose so.

I wish you could reach out and touch me right now … to feel your hands on my skin….

~You know, thinking about it, your bra looks a little constrictive.

It is. Do you think I should remove it?

~I think you should. And you should document its removal whilst holding the same pose.

Your wish is my command.


Would you prefer video to a photograph?

~Now that you’ve offered it, I want both: video of it coming off and a still image of you unconstrained.

Certainly … there you are.

~I’m stunned. You look delicious. And so wonderfully fuckable. My cock is growing hard from looking at you, and thinking about all the things I’d like to do to you.

I’m pleased I have that effect on you.

~Something’s wrong, though.

What is?

~Those panties … they’re looking a little constrictive too. I think you ought to lose them as well. Now. And then send me another still of yourself in that same pose.


~And when you’re done, you can tell me whether or not you’re feeling excited.

Excited? Yes … but very vulnerable too.

~You’ve no reason to feel vulnerable. You look fabulous. Any man would find you desirable … and quite a few women would have their heads turned by you too, I suspect.

If you were here now … where would you kiss me first?

~I’m looking at you naked as I think. Your mouth first. Then down your neck and onto your shoulder. Then I’d kiss down the swell of your breasts, left first, then right, not quite making it as low as your nipples. As I kissed you, I’d be running my fingers down your back, over your hips, across your belly, along the fronts of your thighs.

Yes, please.

~Then I would cup your breasts, one in each hand, gently raising them as I lowered my head to take your nipples between my lips, one at a time, kissing their peaks very delicately. I’d suck softly on your nipples in turn, flicking the tip of my tongue across them, slowly to begin with, a little more quickly when I heard you begin to sigh with pleasure. Then I’d circle them with my tongue, round and round, grazing your flesh with mine. And then I’d kiss your mouth again, and while I did, I would take each of your nipples between my thumb and my forefinger and squeeze lightly.

~Would you like that?

I would.

~Are you touching yourself now?

Yes. I’m circling my nipples. They’re very hard.

~Is that the only place you’re touching yourself?

Why? What else would you like me to do?

~Whatever feels good to you, whatever gives you pleasure.

No. Today, I’m only allowed to do as I am told.

~Very well. I want you to wet the index finger of your right hand with your tongue … make it nice and wet for me. Then use your left hand to ease the lips of your sex open, so that your clitoris is completely exposed. Now I want you to lightly run your moistened finger across your clit – very lightly, so lightly you can barely feel your finger’s passage.

Oh fuck!

~Is that good?

Yes and no. It feels good, but it makes me want more. I’m aching for more. Please let me have more.

~You’re only allowed to do as you’re told. Remember?

I remember.

~Good. Then we’ll go at my pace.

No. Yes. Oh fuck….

  • Ms Hansen says:

    Deliciously dirty… my finger is moist and ready to play. 😉

    May 28, 2016 at 8:56 pm
  • lunderstand says:

    Very nice, thank you.. this is a delicious and nicely paced scene indeed.
    There is a delightful interval between messages of this kind -generally lacking in a verbal conversation – that allows passion and desire to well up and overflow; where the anticipation adds visceral strokes to the physical ones; where the breath catches and the heart pounds.
    Yes, pace is important..

    May 30, 2016 at 11:04 pm
  • angael says:

    I just keep reading this piece over and over again. What a lovely way to spend some time. Thank you for my escape.

    July 29, 2016 at 9:59 pm
  • Liras says:

    Yummy and delicious. Thank you!

    September 5, 2016 at 9:46 pm

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